Fake GPS Location Spoofer

Ngày cập nhật: 2021-01-21 Phiên bản hiện tại: 5.6
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Có lỗi, không chạy trên android 11

We assembled a FAQ list so please read it carefully before emailing us or adding a review. It has all your questions answered: If you still need help - send us an email!

Featurs of the paid app:
- Cooldown chart
- Stops and gyms
- Joystick operation (+ rotation of the joystick to match the screen)
- More routes options and GPX import
- More spoofing options including expert mode

Features of the app:
- Standard spoofing on all Android versions.
- No root mode available on Android 6.0 and above.
- Change the update interval
- Faves and history
- Routes creation
- Integration with other apps via share button

Use the app so you can fake the gps on the go. It will overwrite your current proximity elegantly so that you can prank your friends on any social network to think you are somewhere else. Find people in different cities, fly gps from city to city without moving. Geotag that photo even if you forgot to turn on location when you were taking it.

Any foul usage of the app (including cheating) will not be supported by our team.

Make sure you disable high accuracy location positioning/mobile locations under Android Location Settings and leave "GPS ONLY" or called "Device only" on some devices !

How to use:
- Choose your faked location and press play.
- The app will insert the fake gps go location into your android phone on the fly gps.

If you want to change your location on a browser you will need a VPNa services in connection with our app.

- Internet - to display the map view
- Access Coarse and Fine Location - to fake your current location
- Allow mock locations under Developer settings (Applications).
This app is provided "as is" and we can not be held responsible for any usage by the end users of our app.

The app content has been localised in english, german and japanese
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