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Octomaze based on the use of a unique new game mechanics - controlling a tentacle passing labyrinthe. With it, you can both destroy enemies and collect items / objects while avoiding the death of a tentacle.
- Five types of the enemies;
- Comets, worms, crates, tile holes, etc;
- Many of levels, with varying challenges, environments, power ups and collectables;
- Nightmare bonus levels
A lot of cool stuff; different types of the lasers, flamethrowers, teleports, centerpieces, suprising tiles, controlled by buttons/lasers

Priceless artifacts were stolen long ago from octopus tribe by their eternal rivals – disgusting parasites. These parasites infested entire realm since then. To stop parasites from spreading and save the tribe, artifacts have to be returned, or everything is lost. Young octopus Aristotle has spent years in search, becoming quite an adventurer. Now, yet another of the artifacts is located, keys are found and another chapter is about to end soon… or is it?
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