Solitaire Time - Classic Poker

Adne Allanah
Ngày cập nhật: 2021-08-30 Phiên bản hiện tại: 2.1
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Solitaire time is a classic and fun card game on Android and Google play. It's free and can be played offline anytime, anywhere! Solitaire is also known as the Klondike. Solitaire time is a brand new design with clear and lively cards, beautiful graphics, perfect winning animation and music effects. A simple user interface is easier to control.

You can choose the difficulty and theme of the game. We provide a variety of cards and backgrounds for you to choose.

* You can choose to draw 1 or 3 cards
* Provide different themes and card styles
* Switchable left and right hand control
* Detailed statistics
* Standard Solitaire
* Easy to control and learn
* Amazing graphics
* Soothing music
* Provide timer
* Free undo and free tips
* With automatic completion function
* Offline play
* Completely free

Use one deck (52 cards). Assign 28 cards on the table to 7 statcks, and increase the number of cards per pile from one to seven. The top cards face up and the rest face down.
The opening table includes:
7 picture stacks,
4 Foundation Piles
The goal of the game is to put all cards on the table into 4 piles.

Play solitaire classic free right from your phone! Download Solitaire Time now!
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