Baby Idol Care & Dress Up

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Ngày cập nhật: 2022-09-23
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Nó rất là cute ( • ~ •)


Chẳng chơi được một tí nào 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😫😫😖😖


Rất là hay ạ😊

The little idol babies are waiting to be loved and cared for, how about joining this adventure and giving all the love in the world to these little ones?

Bring it to life! You can choose the personality that best suits your idol and have fun with dialogues and behaviors that only your little idol will have!

With amazing clothes, you can mix and make them into super stylish idols or even super kawaii idols! Be a stylist for your baby idol!

They need a lot of attention and affection, take care of them every day, give baths so they are always clean, little idols who don't take a bath for a long time can be extremely sad!

Cook delicious food and feed, you can always find fresh ingredients at the market.

Always keep an eye out! Rebellious babies can wake up at night, so always be sure they are sleeping and having a good rest, remember, they love milk bottles, this keep them energized and happy.

Take care of your idol's career, put it to work and collect coins! Mini games are also a great choice to have fun and collect coins to take care of your little idol.

Choose amazing furniture and decorate your baby idol's house with the cutest decorations!

Has your idol gone to sleep? You can still have fun in Dress up mode, create your avatar and customize it in many ways!

More than 1000 items to customize, lots of clothes, colors, hair and accessories!

Baby idol brings many ways to have fun!
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