Idle Hero Z - Summon & Merge Cyberpunk

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Ngày cập nhật: 2021-06-07 Phiên bản hiện tại: 1.0.3
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In 2077, thanks to cyber technology, a lot of destructive weapons are invented, among which is Hero Ball - a magic ball that takes power from the strongest dragons to summon cyberpunk heroes. The heroes' mission is to defend the city from brutal enemies, who strive to take over Z ball technology. To achieve the goal, they even kill people and make war. That's when you show up, as the lord of heroes, to protect the beautiful neon city and save its nightlife from destruction!
Our lord, are you ready for the greatest hero war in the sci-fi game world?

In Idle Hero Z - Summon & Merge Cyberpunk RPG , you will become the hero lord, who holds Z technology and be able to summon powerful cyber fighters to join the neon battles. During your journey, you can collect useful weapons, learn magical skills and upgrade your heroes to 5-star power to push back enemies. Your heroes will continue to fight even when you're AFK, so this free arcade game is even popular among idle players who love summon and merge category!

🔥 HOW TO PLAY Idle Hero Z
- Tap hero balls to summon new warriors. The Z tech of 2077 needs time to recover and can accumulate up to 10 Z balls.
- Drag to merge similar cyber fighters to evolve them into stronger ones. Try your best to get 5-star heroes. You will be amazed by their power!
- Upgrade and evolve your favorite heroes frequently. You need the best dragon force from the Z balls to defeat brutal enemies as they also get stronger over time.
- Collect tools and weapons to aid you during the battles.
- Defend the city with your hero force. Don't let the enemy storm in from the right side.

- Various heroes to summon and evolve. All 50+ heroes are free for you to experience their powers!
- Limitless weapons, tools, gadgets... to collect and upgrade.
- Use wise tactics to win the cyber war. Each hero has his own skills and special ability.
- Attractive gameplay: Simply summon and merge to get stronger fighters. Don't have to invest any resource to do that.
- AFK and your heroes will continue fighting and earning coins for you. Even the most idle players love this free game.
- Fantastic cyberpunk theme with beautiful graphic
- Play everytime, everywhere. This game is both offline and online.

The popular free game in the arcade category is finally here. If you love summon and merge gameplay, collect different heroes with various power, and AFK/idle whenever you want, this game is definitely made for you. Let's join fantasy world of Idle Hero Z - Summon & Merge Cyberpunk RPG .
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