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Fynzo Feedback – Powerful application to capture feedback of customers through tablets, smartphones and touch screen kiosks. Works flawlessly offline and online.

Cloud based system can be used anywhere anytime with real time reporting, graphical reports, data analytics. Take all kind of surveys and customers feedback and understand their sentiments in real-time. Serving globally to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, Salon, Spas, boutiques, corporate organizations. Etc. for feedback

Contribute to environmental by adapting paperless customer feedback system.

Fynzo Customer Feedback app can be used at
- Various categories— food, education, health, banking, airline, and retail
- Collect feedback through various channels— tablets, smartphones, sms and web surveys
- Allows clients to prepare customized questionnaires
- Presents smart feedback using graphs, charts and diagrams
- Track staff performance individually
- Take immediate action on customer complaints/feedback
- Follow up customer complaints/feedback immediately
- Offers customer’s points to revisit your services
- Sends regular updates about your services through SMSs and emails
- Finds your strengths and weaknesses and help you make informed business decisions
- Customer Feedback Management System
- Can be used for taking Happiness survey.
- Can be used at Airports for customers feedback.

Fynzo Customer Feedback App Features
- Easy Registration/Login
- Support KIOSK Mode
- Import Survey Templates from already defined Templates
- Create your own survey Templates
- Advanced Reporting (Date Wise, Response Wise, Graph reports)
- Instant email on Extreme-Feedback response.
- Works both offline and online. Collect data offline and sync it with cloud when you have
Internet access.
- Capture Photos, Videos & Audios
- Supports Multiple languages
- Download data in Excel , CSV format.

Industries We Serve :
Take customer feedback at all sorts of restaurant—Fine dine, Cafeterias, QSR, Cafes, Food Courts, Pubs, Clubs, Food joints, Take-aways, Dhabas, Food Corners, Food Chains, Delivery Outlets, Hotel, Motel, Spa, Resort, Salon, Bar, Apparel Store etc.

Take feedback at all sorts of healthcare centers like Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Gyms, Fitness Centers, Sports Complexes, Stadiums etc.

-Take feedback at Schools, Colleges, Coaching institutes, Yoga classes, Music Classes,
Swimming Classes, Dance Classes or at any educational events.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)
- Use Industry standards like CRS, and CSAT, Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and
Customer Effort Score (CES) to measure customer satisfaction feedback.

Other Use Cases:
- Data collection for Market research
- Gather Participant feedback at events, expos, exhibitions.
- Ideal for taking feedback at retail stores.
- Take Employees Feedback about office work culture, infrastructures etc.

Create an account with social media login in one click. Start taking feedback by importing from existing templates or create your own feedback forms at

Web dashboard :

Contact us
Feel free to reach us at or Call/WhatsApp at +91-8800766787 in case of any assistance. We just love talking to our customers.
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